Annual Basketball Event In Spokane

There is going to be a very special event held in Spokane Washington this Saturday to help organizers raise needed funds for Team Gleason. Hoopfest is now in its 25th year, and this will be the second year that Spokane on the Rocks is participating to help raise money and awareness for ALS. During the games, spectators can enjoy drinks, food, and all the fun activities in the support of Team Gleason.

Spokane on the Rocks is promoting the event with local distillers and breweries, as well as some of the best restaurants in the area. The admission is free to all attendees, giving Team Gleason the opportunity to try and connect with more people than ever in raising awareness for ALS and hopefully finding a cure. The locals have embraced this event year after year, and the money that is raised goes a long way in helping with research that is so desperately needed for this disease. The goal is that with more awareness and community support, that a cure is just on the horizon for many people who are currently suffering with ALS.


Former NFL star Steve Gleason is connecting with Spokane on the Rocks this year, a portion of the proceeds will go to his organization Team Gleason. This event has been a popular place for locals to get together and show support for their town and one of their own. The key to this events success is that whether you are simply watching or you are participating in the games, the entire community comes together with some sort of involvement. This support for community is the foundation that Team Gleason is based.

This year the event will take place both outside and inside of the INB Performing Arts Center. Admission is free to adults and children of all ages.

Landscaping a used car lot

With the weather here being very seasonal, dealerships selling used cars in Spokane have a hard time finding space to add landscaping because their lots are filled with cars. But there are many good ideas that can be found on Pinterest about creating space where there was no space before. Building raised beds and adding them between the cars.

These cars are used and not new, but they still need to have enough room so they can be moved in and out of their spaces.

Spokane’s weather can be harsh on plants in the winter so taking care of these things can be a full time job.


This car lot has no space for landscaping as you can see. But creative minds can come up with something awesome looking.


Spokane’s Teen Has Had Perfect Attendance For 13 Years

Paige-Warnick-Cheney-SpokaneThis is a lot of pressure, to keep this trend going. For 13 years, since the kindergarden, Paige Warnick, has not missed one day of school all the way to graduation from Cheney High School in Spokane.

Paige says that she didn’t realize it until years into her school years. When she did though, she was already in too deep and now had to work hard at keeping it going to the end. I can just imagine those missed opportunities to skip class, those days when you just can’t get out of bed, but no, have to get up and have to be there.

What needs to be done now is to create a blog about it and tell the world how she did it. A blog by it self will not work, she’ll need to hire Spokane’s notSEO to optimize it and get it into the search engines. This is all just fun and games, but could really help her launch her career.

It’s good for Paige, she has achieved something awesome, it shows a great quality of character. Employers will see that as a strength, they will see her as a dependable person and she will go places. Good luck Paige Warnick, and great job!

Spokane Meat Company Expands

Zaycon, a meat business in Spokane, has recently expanded. The company opened its doors in 2010 with just one location. In just four years, the company has gained over 350,000 customers. As a result, Zaycon has expanded from its one location in Spokane to 1,400 locations across the United States.


The company was founded by Mike Conrad and his brother. They hoped that the company would be a good way to get food to customers quicker. The company is also known to have lower prices on quality meats than most grocery stores.

One of the company’s best sellers, chicken breasts, are $1.89 per pound. The cheapest grocery store price that could be found was at Fred Meyer where the same product was sold at $2.99. Zaycon also sells ground beef for $3.99 a pound. This price is again cheaper than the same product sold at Fred Meyer for $4.29.

Zaycon conducts most of its operations online. The company gives customers an account on their website. Using this account, they are able to see what products are available for them to buy.

Customers can also place orders on the company’s website. Customer’s orders must be under 40 pounds. Once they have placed their order, they are told where to pick it up.

Is It Time For Gardening In Spokane?

Gardening is Spokane is something that many people enjoy on a regular basis. Keeping a nice garden can involve a great deal of work which includes planting, watering and maintaining the garden.

It is important to pay close attention to the weather reports prior to planting anything in the garden. Possibly the best time to plant flowers and small trees is around May 15th. The month of May is usually warm however, you can receive some unexpected frost within the month of May.


The soil should be moist and somewhat crumbly before planting anything. If the soil is too moist it can actually cause rotting which can be deadly to plants and trees. Once the soil is moist and crumbly you can begin planting almost anything.

If you plant flowers make sure the flowers are at least an inch or two apart. It is important that you leave enough room for the flowers to grow and prosper. Planting flowers too close to one another can cause crowding which can potentially cause your flowers to die.

It is best to dig between one and two inches into the soil before placing any flowers in the ground. In addition, make sure your flowers are secured into the ground with a good potting soil or dirt. Once the flowers are properly planted you may also sprinkle some additional potting soil on top of the ground.

It is important to water the newly planted flowers with a fine hose spray each day. A fine spray will nourish the flowers without possibly killing them or forcing them from the ground. A strong spray can cause a great deal of damage to newly planted flowers.

Flowers and trees should be planted so that they are at least exposed to partial sunlight each and every day. All flowers, plants and trees need some sun in order to grow and prosper. However, partial shade is needed also. In some cases, if the sun is too direct and strong it can dry out the flowers and plants causing serious damage.

It is a wise decision to add some mulch to your garden. Mulch can actually provide some level protection in case you have some unexpected frost overnight. Frost and cool temperatures can easily kill flowers and plants. In addition, you should also have some plastic covers to place over your garden in case of overnight frost. Plastic will prevents plants, flowers and trees from freezing. One serious frost can easily kill plants and flowers.

Gardening can be a great deal of fun. Beautiful flowers and trees can add a great deal of charm to almost any home. It helps a great deal if you have the proper gardening tools prior to starting your summer garden.

Saving Loney Hill Gardens Downtown Spokane

Loney Hill Gardens has been a fixture in downtown Spokane, Washington since the early 1950s. Since then, this beautiful setting has seen many a picnic, impromptu game of tag, and stolen kiss. Originally developed as a project of the local gardening club to display award-winning cultivars of various flowers, Loney Hill Gardens blossomed in popularity with the public. As a result, the city and gardening club expanded it to include a gazebo, picnic area, playground, and an activity hall.


In its heyday, Loney Hill Gardens hosted a variety of events including dances, summer concerts and movies, and horticulture classes, all free and open to the public. Even as developments started to surround it on all sides, this conservatory remained a tranquil oasis of nature and beauty within the city. Dedicated volunteers from the gardening club gave generously of their time and energy for its upkeep, and to promote a love of floriculture. Unfortunately for the community, Loney Hill Gardens is now facing a threat that extends beyond the occasional wad of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of a jogger’s shoe.

As the encroachment of businesses on the outskirts of this lovely area has increased in the past decade, one recent building in particular has drawn unwelcome attention to Loney Hill Gardens. The developers of the new strip mall that opened last month are now pressuring the city council to bulldoze Loney Hill Gardens, and pave it over as a parking lot for mall patrons. They say the current on-street parking is inadequate, and cite a five-year drop in guests at the Gardens as their most compelling reasoning for doing away with it. The developers have reportedly made a substantial offer to the city for the land. Fortunately, the city council is putting the matter into the public’s hands at the next council meeting.

Even for those not interested in gardening, Loney Hill Gardens is well worth saving. Why is that? The first answer is simple. Many people know that nature works wonders for the human spirit. This is a place where people living and working in such a fast-paced city as Spokane can go to get away from it all. People are more productive and efficient when they have a place to go to recharge or enjoy down time. Loney Hill Gardens is central to downtown Spokane and is a popular place for people to take their lunch break away from the hustle and bustle.

Despite the threat to their pet project of over five decades, the gardening club continues to offer classes in the activity hall. These include workshops on general gardening, growing and maintaining flower beds and vegetable gardens, and backyard landscaping. These classes have always been offered for free, making them easily accessible to everyone. Loney Hill Gardens serves as a place for not just inspiration, but also education.

Finally, the Gardens have a long history in Spokane. Ever since they first opened in the 1950s, residents have enjoyed all they have to offer. Ask any lifelong resident, and they may share fond remembrances of dancing in the gazebo underneath the stars, watching a movie with their family on the grass on a summer’s night, or something as simple as walking the gravel paths when all the roses are in bloom. Even if use of the Gardens has declined, there are thousands of people who would be devastated to see it meet such an ignoble end.

If those thousands, however, turn out to the city council meeting to show the elected officials how they feel, they can help us save Loney Hill Gardens. We also believe we can increase patronage and attendance at events at the Gardens by turning to modern technology. The gardening club has unveiled a website dedicated to this landmark and are using social media to spread the word about saving it. We ask that all residents of Spokane turn out for the council meeting to make their voices heard. Together, we can save this place that holds so much meaning to so many people, and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

Rapper Drake Is Done With The Evil Rolling Stone

Superstar rapper Drake has been seen in the Down-Town Spokane party place last Summer and today he is extremely disgusted with the ever-popular Rolling Stone magazine, and has decided that he is “done” doing magazine interviews. The Grammy award winning artist lashes out at Rolling Stone by accusing them of snatching his cover “at the last minute” and replacing it with a cover story on the late actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died recently of an apparent drug overdose.


Not only is Drake upset about his lost cover, he is also accusing the magazine of deliberately misquoting him in an interview. Rolling Stone released a snippet of the printed interview that featured Drake criticizing Kanye West’s latest album, Yeezus. ‘There were some real questionable bars on there, ‘he says. ‘Like that ‘Swaghili line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that.'”

After discovering the quote that was heard loud and clear around the music industry, Drake took to his Twitter page to give Rolling Stone magazine a piece of his mind. He went on to state that he never made negative comments about West’s album while he was doing the interview. In reference to Rolling Stone banishing his planned cover, Drake tweeted: “I’m disgusted with that. RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil.”

Drake delivered a host of tweets to the public, showcasing his outrage for the way the magazine handled his latest interview and cover situation. But, after the industry reporters, along with a number of entertainment blogs began referring to him as a “spoiled brat” and stating that his ego was out of control, Drake deleted the majority of his twitter rant, leaving just one tweet dangling in the cyber universe. Drake’s remaining tweet states: “I’m done doing interviews for magazines. I just want to give my music to the people. That’s the only way my message gets across accurately.”

In recent years, the child-actor-turned-hip-hop-phenomenon has participated in interviews for the magazine, but Drake has not had the privilege of gracing its cover. Therefore, he probably considered this newly presented opportunity to be a great one that would further solidify his successful career. In all honest opinion, he probably should not have let his fingers do the talking and given himself sometime to contain his anger. But, Rolling Stone is definitely not the victim. First of all, Drake welcomed them into his home. And if anything was stated off-the-record, it should have stayed off-the-record. Rolling Stone is considered a pioneer of the magazine world and they need to remember that professionalism and honesty are very critical traits that they should strive to build on.

Spokane Bakery Offers Healthy Foods That Are Filling

Ask the average consumer what they would like to eat or what type of food is very filling. They will probably answer with a food that is rich in flavor and calories. Morgan Primor of Great Baked Goods of Spokane, a local bakery, explains that for example, a favorite dessert that is loaded with calories and very filling or a high calorie main course with all the trimmings. Of course, these foods are very filling, but are they healthy treats?

According to researchers, there is a very valid reason why some foods are more satisfying than other foods. Foods that satisfy stimulate the taste buds and produce an almost euphoric and very satisfied feeling that feels up the taste buds and the stomach. According to researchers, foods that contain fiber and protein are the best foods. They fill up the stomach and are much lower in calories. This is a winning combination for the consumer and controlling their weight.


Baked Potatoes

At the top of the list are baked potatoes. The average consumer probably does not think of adding too many baked potatoes to their diet because they are very high in carbohydrates. Studies show that the baked potato is very filling and keeps people feeling full for several hours.

Bread Bowl Soups

Soup is actually a very good food for the average person who is trying to control their weight or lose weight. Soup is a very filling food. Soup is composed mostly of water and other products like vegetables or pasta. The soup fills up the stomach. People report that the full feeling last for several hours. Thus, reducing their appetite and overeating. Here are some healthy soup recipes you may want to try.

Egg Based Meals

Surprisingly, eggs help create that fullness in the stomach. Many people report that they ate a scrambled egg for breakfast and it satisfied their appetite completely for several hours. This is a perfect food because it is pure protein and contains several essential amino acids.


Popcorn is a very stomach filling food consumed by people daily. It is also a food that is very low in calories. Health experts suggest eliminating the fatty butter and other substances that add calories to popcorn. Better yet, make it your self, here are some great recipes for healhty popcorn.

Other filling foods include figs, which satisfy the consumer’s sweet tooth, and they are packed with high quality fiber. A bowl of oatmeal is a great way for a person on a diet to start the day. This is one of the most filling foods around. It is also packed with plenty of fiber and protein. Wheat berries are a good and very filling product to consume and they contain high amounts of protein along with fiber. Smoothies are also a great way to fill up on fiber and protein.

Winter Storm That Hit Spokane, Rages Across the NorthWest

The West Coast of the United States has been slammed by a major winter storm. From Spokane to San Francisco, winter weather has disturbed routine activities.

States in the NorthWest were hit the hardest with major cities like Spokane, Seattle, Olympia, Portland, and Eugene with at least several inches of snow on the ground. Spokane has over a foot of snow on the ground, while the rest have just under a foot. In some areas snow and/or a wintry mix is still falling from the sky, so these numbers will increase by the end of the day.

Washington state avoided most of the snow and they were prepared this time around, but Oregon was not so lucky. Despite warnings so far in advance of the storm, some still were not prepared. Unfortunately, states in the South do not have the availability of snow services that states in the North do.

Winter In Spokane

States like Oregon and the California experience winter storms so rarely that they do not have as many snow storm recovery resources such as salt trucks and snow trucks to clear the area quick enough. States in the North, however, have the recovery resources set aside to deal with snow storms quicker.

Another issue is the fact that individuals in the South are less comfortable driving in the snow than individuals in the North. Some people who have lived in southern states all their lives have very little experience driving in the snow and as a result do not drive well in it. To many people in the North, driving through a few inches of snow is a chore that must be done a few times every year.

Many transportation services across the Northeast are closed due to the bad weather. Even rail service Amtrak has cancelled some of its schedule for Thursday.

In addition, over a quarter of a million homes (reportedly 772,000) across the West Coast are without power today. Power companies are working to try and restore power, but in many states they have a problem just getting on site through the heavy snow.

The roads are empty as people stay home from work and shovel their driveways. Driveways and roads alike should be cleared in the next few days and things will return to normal.