Rapper Drake Is Done With The Evil Rolling Stone

Superstar rapper Drake is extremely disgusted with the ever-popular Rolling Stone magazine, and has decided that he is “done” doing magazine interviews. The Grammy award winning artist lashes out at Rolling Stone by accusing them of snatching his cover “at the last minute” and replacing it with a cover story on the late actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died recently of an apparent drug overdose.

Not only is Drake upset about his lost cover, he is also accusing the magazine of deliberately misquoting him in an interview. Rolling Stone released a snippet of the printed interview that featured Drake criticizing Kanye West’s latest album, Yeezus. ‘There were some real questionable bars on there, ‘he says. ‘Like that ‘Swaghili line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that.’”

After discovering the quote that was heard loud and clear around the music industry, Drake took to his Twitter page to give Rolling Stone magazine a piece of his mind. He went on to state that he never made negative comments about West’s album while he was doing the interview. In reference to Rolling Stone banishing his planned cover, Drake tweeted: “I’m disgusted with that. RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil.”

Drake delivered a host of tweets to the public, showcasing his outrage for the way the magazine handled his latest interview and cover situation. But, after the industry reporters, along with a number of entertainment blogs began referring to him as a “spoiled brat” and stating that his ego was out of control, Drake deleted the majority of his twitter rant, leaving just one tweet dangling in the cyber universe. Drake’s remaining tweet states: “I’m done doing interviews for magazines. I just want to give my music to the people. That’s the only way my message gets across accurately.”

In recent years, the child-actor-turned-hip-hop-phenomenon has participated in interviews for the magazine, but Drake has not had the privilege of gracing its cover. Therefore, he probably considered this newly presented opportunity to be a great one that would further solidify his successful career. In all honest opinion, he probably should not have let his fingers do the talking and given himself sometime to contain his anger. But, Rolling Stone is definitely not the victim. First of all, Drake welcomed them into his home. And if anything was stated off-the-record, it should have stayed off-the-record. Rolling Stone is considered a pioneer of the magazine world and they need to remember that professionalism and honesty are very critical traits that they should strive to build on.

Healthy Foods That Are Filling

Ask the average consumer what they would like to eat or what type of food is very filling. They will probably answer with a food that is rich in flavor and calories. For example, a favorite dessert that is loaded with calories and very filling or a high calorie main course with all the trimmings. Of course, these foods are very filling, but are they healthy treats?

According to researchers, there is a very valid reason why some foods are more satisfying than other foods. Foods that satisfy stimulate the taste buds and produce an almost euphoric and very satisfied feeling that feels up the taste buds and the stomach. According to researchers, foods that contain fiber and protein are the best foods. They fill up the stomach and are much lower in calories. This is a winning combination for the consumer and controlling their weight.

At the top of the list are baked potatoes. The average consumer probably does not think of adding too many baked potatoes to their diet because they are very high in carbohydrates. Studies show that the baked potato is very filling and keeps people feeling full for several hours. 

Soup is actually a very good food for the average person who is trying to control their weight or lose weight. Soup is a very filling food. Soup is composed mostly of water and other products like vegetables or pasta. The soup fills up the stomach. People report that the full feeling last for several hours. Thus, reducing their appetite and overeating. Here are some healthy soup recipes you may want to try.

Surprisingly, eggs help create that fullness in the stomach. Many people report that they ate a scrambled egg for breakfast and it satisfied their appetite completely for several hours. This is a perfect food because it is pure protein and contains several essential amino acids.

Popcorn is a very stomach filling food consumed by people daily. It is also a food that is very low in calories. Health experts suggest eliminating the fatty butter and other substances that add calories to popcorn. Better yet, make it your self, here are some great recipes for healhty popcorn.

Other filling foods include figs, which satisfy the consumer’s sweet tooth, and they are packed with high quality fiber. A bowl of oatmeal is a great way for a person on a diet to start the day. This is one of the most filling foods around. It is also packed with plenty of fiber and protein. Wheat berries are a good and very filling product to consume and they contain high amounts of protein along with fiber. Smoothies are also a great way to fill up on fiber and protein.

Winter Storm Rages Across the Northeast

The East Coast of the United States has been slammed by a major winter storm. From Georgia to New York, winter weather has disturbed routine activities.

States in the Northeast were hit the hardest with major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and Baltimore with at least several inches of snow on the ground. New York has over a foot of snow on the ground, while the rest have just under a foot. In some areas snow and/or a wintry mix is still falling from the sky, so these numbers will increase by the end of the day.

Southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina avoided most of the snow and Georgia was prepared this time around, but the Carolinas were not so lucky. Despite warnings so far in advance of the storm, some still were not prepared. Unfortunately, states in the South do not have the availability of snow services that states in the North do.

States like Georgia and the Carolinas experience winter storms so rarely that they do not have as many snow storm recovery resources such as salt trucks and snow trucks to clear the area quick enough. States in the North, however, have the recovery resources set aside to deal with snow storms quicker.

Another issue is the fact that individuals in the South are less comfortable driving in the snow than individuals in the North. Some people who have lived in southern states all their lives have very little experience driving in the snow and as a result do not drive well in it. To many people in the North, driving through a few inches of snow is a chore that must be done a few times every year.

Many transportation services across the Northeast are closed due to the bad weather. Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport, both located in Washington D.C., are closed today. Even rail service Amtrak has cancelled some of its schedule for Thursday.

In addition, over a quarter of a million homes (reportedly 772,000) across the East Coast are without power today. Power companies are working to try and restore power, but in many states they have a problem just getting on site through the heavy snow.

The roads are empty as people stay home from work and shovel their driveways. Driveways and roads alike should be cleared in the next few days and things will return to normal.

Shabby Hospitality for the Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics is getting off to a rough start for the people that are competing. The accommodations in Sochi, Russia are less then hospitable for the contestants. The beds are reported to be small, the toilets cannot flush down toilet paper, there is yellow water in the hotel rooms, and dogs keep on disappearing off of the street. For some of the people competition the hotel stay is going to be rougher then the competition.

The Canadian team has reported receiving a hotel room with three small beds for their entire hockey team to share. The rooms are plain with no welcoming decorations on the wall and barely enough room to walk around. There are no television sets or even internet access to keep in touch with people at home. The things that has the athletes most upset however are the conditions of the bathrooms. Entire teams have one bathroom to share many of them that are not able to flush. Many rooms have been reported to be without heat, hot water, shower curtains , and other things people would expect when they are staying at a hotel.

There are things in the hotel that the athletes are avoiding all together. There are pictures going around the internet of yellow water that have came out of the faucets and showers at the hotel. This water is not safe to drink and is questionable to bathe in.

Humanitarians are also having problems with Russian. When the events first started there were a large number of stray dogs running around the streets. Thousands of dogs are being killed so they do not bother the tourists. These dogs have not been spayed, neutered, or given vaccinations.

Many of the hotels are not even finished for visitors yet. Hotels are still under constructions and are being finished up during the games. This means there is time for setbacks and problems to arise. On the bright side no one has been injured up to this point. There is constant worry about terror attacks so far security has been tight. There have been no reports of any real threats to the athletes, tourists, or anyone else associated with the winter games. Compared to this missing light bulbs or lack of a television are not going to be a big deal. Hopefully the focus will return to the games and the skills of the athletes rather then the faculties.