Spokane’s Journalist Reporting About Shabby Hospitality for the Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics is getting off to a rough start for the people that are competing, one Spokane’s journalist reports. The accommodations in Sochi, Russia are less then hospitable for the contestants. The beds are reported to be small, the toilets cannot flush down toilet paper, there is yellow water in the hotel rooms, and dogs keep on disappearing off of the street. For some of the people competition the hotel stay is going to be rougher then the competition.

The Spokane team has reported receiving a hotel room with three small beds for their entire hockey team to share. The rooms are plain with no welcoming decorations on the wall and barely enough room to walk around. There are no television sets or even internet access to keep in touch with people at home. The things that has the athletes most upset however are the conditions of the bathrooms. Entire teams have one bathroom to share many of them that are not able to flush. Many rooms have been reported to be without heat, hot water, shower curtains , and other things people would expect when they are staying at a hotel.


There are things in the hotel that the athletes are avoiding all together. There are pictures going around the internet of yellow water that have came out of the faucets and showers at the hotel. This water is not safe to drink and is questionable to bathe in.

Humanitarians are also having problems with Russian. When the events first started there were a large number of stray dogs running around the streets. Thousands of dogs are being killed so they do not bother the tourists. These dogs have not been spayed, neutered, or given vaccinations.

Many of the hotels are not even finished for visitors yet. Hotels are still under constructions and are being finished up during the games. This means there is time for setbacks and problems to arise. On the bright side no one has been injured up to this point. There is constant worry about terror attacks so far security has been tight. There have been no reports of any real threats to the athletes, tourists, or anyone else associated with the winter games. Compared to this missing light bulbs or lack of a television are not going to be a big deal. Hopefully the focus will return to the games and the skills of the athletes rather then the faculties.