Can Trees Grow Without Sunlight in Minecraft? Yay or Nay!

Trees are a popular addition to Minecraft, providing shade and oxygen while supplying blocks with wood.

Trees are not only important for the human beings, but they also play a vital role in our environment for all the creatures so it’s necessary to take care of them in every way possible. For that you must know what they need and how they can survive?

However, some players have discovered that trees can grow in the dark without receiving any sunlight. This is due to a mechanic called the “day-night cycle,” which affects all players and NPCs in the game. Here we will discuss everything about how sunlight affects trees in Minecraft

Can Trees Grow Without Sunlight in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, sunlight is one of the few things that can fuel tree growth. Without it, trees should not grow and eventually die. This is because Minecraft requires a lot of light to grow crops and trees.

However, trees can grow without sunlight in Minecraft, but they will not grow as fast or produce as much wood. In Minecraft, trees can grow in complete darkness. They do not need sunlight to survive. This is because they get their energy from the soil. The leaves of the tree use sunlight to create food for the tree. So, if there is no light available, they can grow but not sustain themselves for long. The leaves will be unable to produce food, and the tree will die.

How do Trees in Minecraft Differ from Real World Trees?

There’s no denying that sunlight is necessary for plants to grow – but does that mean it’s necessary in Minecraft? After all, the game takes place in a virtual world where the sun shines 24/7.

In reality, trees can grow without any direct sunlight. They rely on photosynthesis to convert light into energy, but that can happen even if other objects block the light. In Minecraft, trees can also grow without sunlight – but it takes much longer.

One reason for this is that trees in Minecraft don’t have to compete with other plants for sunlight. In the real world, trees need to grow tall in order to reach the sun’s rays. But in Minecraft, there are no other plants, so trees can grow more slowly and still get enough light.

How Trees in Minecraft Grow Without Sunlight?

Can Trees Grow Without Sunlight in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, trees can grow without sunlight. The trees will not grow as tall as they would if exposed to the sun, but they will still grow. This is because Minecraft’s trees are based on real-life trees. In the real world, trees can also grow without sunlight.

In Minecraft, trees are not actually a solid block. They are instead made of leaves and branches. When a tree is cut down, the top part becomes a block that can be used as a crafting table, while the bottom half becomes the tree trunk.

How Can You Grow Trees from Torches in Minecraft?

One of the many things that make Minecraft so enjoyable is the ability to grow trees from torches. They don’t just grow straight up, either. Trees can also grow sideways and in circles, as well as stretch out over the ground. Torches in Minecraft can be used to grow trees from saplings. To do this, you will need a block of obsidian, a bucket of water, and a sapling.

First, place the obsidian block down on the ground. Then, use the bucket of water to put water around the obsidian block. Next, place the sapling on top of the obsidian block. Finally, use a torch to light the sapling on fire. The sapling will then start to grow into a tree.

Since torches can also be used to grow trees from saplings, it is possible to make a tree farm out of torches. All you need is a lot of saplings and water buckets. Certain trees can only be planted one way, though. For example, the oak tree can only grow sideways, while the birch tree can only grow straight up and in circles. If you plant a sapling in the ground and then dig a hole, the tree that grew from the sapling will be destroyed.

How Can You Grow Trees from Lava in Minecraft?

When you are playing Minecraft, and you find a lava lake, don’t be discouraged! You can actually use the lava to grow trees. All you need is a bucket to scoop up the lava and some dirt to make planting blocks.

The first thing you need to do is find a flat surface near the lava lake. Dig a 3×3 hole in the ground and fill it with dirt. Then, use your bucket to scoop up some lava and pour it on top of the dirt in the hole. It will take a little while for the tree to grow, but eventually, it will sprout out of the ground.

You can also grow trees in Creative mode by placing a log on top of the lava and then right-clicking it with a piece of dirt. Place the sapling on top of the lava, and it will start to grow. It will start growing immediately. The lava will damage the tree, but it will eventually grow into a full-sized tree.


What Happens When Trees in Minecraft Don’t Get Sunlight?

When trees in Minecraft don’t get sunlight, they will eventually die. This is because they need sunlight to generate their food. If a tree can’t get sunlight, it won’t be able to produce food, and it will eventually die.

What Will I Need to Grow Trees in Minecraft Without Sunlight?

To grow trees in Minecraft without sunlight, you will need to use a sapling, dark oak sapling, or spruce sapling. You can also use a bone meal on the sapling to make it grow faster. When the tree is fully grown, it will not need sunlight to survive. All these trees have the same amount of health and can be used to make a tree farm.

What are the Other Sources to Grow Trees in Minecraft Without Sunlight?

In Minecraft, trees can grow without sunlight if they are planted near a light source. The most common light sources are torches, glowstones, and lava. If you don’t have any of those, you can use a redstone lamp. Some other options for growing trees without sunlight are:

  • The Far Lands: At the far end of the world map in Minecraft, there is an area called the Far Lands. This area has a lot of flat land where you can plant trees.
  • The End: The End is another place in Minecraft where you can grow trees without sunlight. The End has an area called The Forest, which is full of mushrooms that will grow trees.
  • Caves: Caves are dark places in Minecraft that have a lot of flat land to plant trees.


You can grow trees without sunlight in Minecraft by using a light source such as torches or lava. This can be a helpful trick when you’re trying to make a tree farm, as it allows you to place trees closer together. Just place your sapling, provide a light source, and it will eventually grow into a tree.